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The first mistake people commonly make is rushing into things and dealing with the first breeder they find who can provide them with what they are looking for.  Anyone can put two dogs together and can call themselves a breeder but that doesn’t make them reputable or responsible. Buying a dog is an important and long term commitment so you want to choose a breeder that has the best interests of the dog, their breed and you in mind. Reputable breeders usually don't advertise in the local classified newspaper ads or on a poster taped to a wall in the grocery store -- the places that the average person might look.

Keep in mind that owning a dog is a BIG commitment of money, time, effort and emotion. TAKE YOUR TIME!! Impulse buying can end in disaster! Many of the bad breeders know that having puppies readily available is to their selling advantage.


A responsible breeder is one who:

  • Is knowledgeable about his/her breed and breed standard
  • Is active in the breed in some fashion, perhaps in showing dogs, or in the performance aspect, such as obedience, agility etc
  • Has done extensive genetic testing on the breeding stock used and is willing and able to discuss whatever faults his/her dogs have (and all dogs have them. No dog is perfect.)
  • At least the dam of the litter is on the premises and is available for your inspection, with pictures and information about how to contact the owner of the sire available to you if the sire is not present
  • Has provided proper medical care and nutrition to all his dogs and will provide you with medical records
  • Can discuss the socialization of the puppies and can make recommendations for the continued socialization and training
  • Will offer a health guarantee
  • Will take back the dog at any time during the dog's life if you become unwilling or unable to care for it
  • Will accommodate your dog if you are ill or away for business or vacation
  • Will be available to you for advice during the life of the dog.


Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are more expensive to purchase than other breeds and you may wonder why.  The reason is because these breeds have relatively small litters, typically 1-4 puppies.  These breeds most often require c-sections costing 450-1.000 euros (depending on where you live).  Many "backyard breeders" who advertise in the local paper will produce and sell puppies for less because they do not test for temperament or health issues, like Patellas, Cataract etc.  Most likely you will be getting a puppy of very questionable pedigree, compromised health, and little or no veterinary care.  "Backyard breeders" typically are people who have decided that breeding dogs is easy money...and they are right...if one breeds dogs the way they do, with no regard for breed improvement, genetics, or proper care!  Most often, these "breeders"  do not offer a health guarantee, or offer a very limited one at best.  In the end, the new owner may end up having expensive medical costs requiring the use of expensive specialists.  Did you know that surgery to correct Luxating Patellas can cost over 1.000 euros per leg!!!  Many purebreds are abandoned, put down, die or are dropped off animal shelters because they are so sick, or because the owners cannot afford the necessary vet care.

Temperament of a Boston Terrier is what makes them good companions.  They should not be overly hyper, should not be aggressive, fearful or unfriendly.  They should be lively, friendly, and well socialized, and get along with other animals.  They should love to be with their owners and are easily trained -  all part of why genetics are so important.  When you buy a puppy having unknown genetics, many problems may occur at a later date - much later than your so-called guarantee.   Buyers may pay a little more upfront for a well-bred dog, but in the long run those buyers will spend much less on a dog coming from healthy bloodlines than from other breeders who are less diligent about the problems that poor breeding can cause.

Often, people say "I just want a pet, not a fancy showdog".  This does not mean you should buy your less expensive dog from a less experienced breeder who doesn't understand or concern themselves with genetic health or temperament issues!  I promise you it will cost you more in the long run.  "Show Quality" is a frequently misused term and often misunderstood phrase.  Puppy buyers naturally want the best quality puppy available.  Show breeders will study their puppies from the minute they are born in hopes of choosing the next best show prospect.  "Pet Quality" refers to a puppy that the show dog breeder has eliminated as a show prospect, for one reason or another. 

There could be a number of factors a breeder will consider a Boston Terrier from a show breeding program PET QUALITY, such as the topline might not be level or he might not have a square head.  However, in most cases you will find that the pet puppy from a show breeding program is much nicer and healthier than what you will purchase from a Backyard Breeder or from a pet store.

If you are buying a puppy for a family pet, you should not be concerned with such minor issues.  The most important thing is to buy a healthy, genetically sound puppy that meets breed standards in both appearance and temperament. It is important to understand that there is nothing low quality about pet quality from a responsible show breeder. A pet quality puppy from a responsible breeder is far superior to a "show quality" puppy from a puppy mill.

Pet puppies and show puppies all come in the same litters.  They all cost the same to raise, so ALL the puppies we produce have the benefit of years of research and concerns about health.

If you are presently looking to buy a puppy, please think carefully about how much you can comfortably spend for a dog; it may be that saving for a few months will enable you to purchase a better quality dog.  Seriously consider the kind of dog you want to share your life with for the next decade or longer. If you want a better assurance that your dog will live a long, healthy life, don't scrimp now!  The money you think you're saving by buying that 300 euro puppy from the newspaper may be later poured into costly veterinary care in a losing attempt to correct the effects of poor breeding by greedy, ignorant breeders.


The bottom line -- you have the best chance of purchasing a Boston Terrier that will be your loving and healthy companion for years to come if you buy from a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER!